Weather in California: More Droughts Ahead

Welcome! Find out what’s happening in the weather in California with Jim Byrne. The former KCOY Weatherman will discuss the local weather and climate, so residents are well-informed of the environmental changes happening around them.

As any resident in California might know, the state has been experiencing a relentless drought in the last ten years. Central to Southern California, for instance, are under severe to extreme drought conditions. There are also signs the drought will only get worse, says Jim Byrne. The former KCOY Weatherman shares there could be as much as a 15% drop on average in rainfall in California over the next two to three decades.

Historically, the years 2012 to 2016 were some of the worst for the state. With the persistent loss of sea ice, weathermen like Jim Byrne are expecting longer stretches and more frequent episodes of drought due to storms producing rain at increasingly higher elevations. Warm snow droughts are occurring, contributing to the faster snowmelt and the moisture and storms are being pushed to the Pacific Northwest, away from California, because of a high-pressure ridge. It seems counter-intuitive that melting sea ice can only worsen the drought in California, but as it stands, the snowpack on the Sierra Nevada mountain range is dangerously low for the year, rivaling the levels recorded last 2014 and 2015.

What does this all mean for residents of California? Jim Byrne says that locals should hope for the best but prepare for the worst; being that California could be in for hotter summers ahead. Fortunately, reservoir levels are still high, though there are still serious concerns over the use of groundwater supply to tide California over its multi-year drought as it has yet to replenish.

For more information about California’s drought, visit the blog of Jim Byrne, former KCOY Weatherman and accomplished Meteorologist.