Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman: California Drought

Read about California’s dry spell from Jim Byrne. The former KCOY Weatherman has more than twenty years of scientific and engineering experience applied to the meteorological industry as an on-air meteorologist.

A storm system coming this weekend is expected to help alleviate the abnormally dry conditions in California. Central and Southern California is hit by the worst of the drought, still experiencing severe dry conditions. In the last decade, locals have been the first to talk about the state’s historically arid conditions. While recent months have seen some rain showers, particularly in the northern half of the state, Jim Byrne, a former KCOY Weatherman, says that California is still battling with a relentless drought.

California Drought

In 2015, the Los Angeles Times Graphics Department prepared an informative graphic that showed how increasingly arid the state has become. In that year alone, West California and Central California were already experiencing exceptional drought conditions. As the year passed, the extreme conditions spread to the northern and southern parts of California. From initial states of abnormally dry and moderate drought conditions, the entire state grew worse, experiencing abnormally dry to moderate drought, moderate drought to severe drought, and severe drought to extreme drought conditions.

Jim Byrne laments the sad fact that the snowpack found in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is at a record low, or its lowest in 500 years. The Sierra Nevada range supplies more than 60% of California’s water supply. The mountain range is home to the Tuolumne River Basin. The river flows from high Sierra Nevada in Central California until the San Joaquin River in the Central Valley. Fortunately, the seasonal snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is closer to normal this year. Compared to last month, there is visibly thicker snow to be seen.

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