About Former KCOY Weatherman Jim Byrne

An accomplished Geoscientist/Meteorologist and Local Media Professional, Jim Byrne worked as KCOY Weatherman at CBS-12 News as a Weekday Reporter/Weekend Meteorologist in 1999. He was promoted to Chief Meteorologist after three years and held the role until 2012.

Jim Byrne attended San Jose State University where he finished his Degrees in Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism. Scientific research of the atmosphere has always fascinated Jim Byrne. The former KCOY Weatherman also did weather forecasting for NBC Bay Area and two seasons of the “So You Think You’d Survive” documentary series by the Weather Channel. As the On-Air Meteorologist, Jim provided expert opinion and analysis for the reality-based TV show, including solutions for surviving worst-case scenarios of natural calamities. He gave practical advice for life-and-death situations.

Aside from these roles, Jim Byrne also served as Communications Director for the successful “No on Measure P” campaign in 2014. The campaign staved off attacks on Santa Barbara County’s long-standing Oil and Gas industry. As a resident of Santa Barbara for 17 years, Jim Byrne spoke for families who had local jobs and who wished to protect the vital tax revenue from the oil & gas industry.

A Member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, Jim Byrne was voted Best Weathercaster by the Associated Press in 2002. He was also appointed to the Community Advisory Council for the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District in 2013.

To date, Jim Byrne remains active in his local Santa Barbara, taking part and donating much of his time to charitable causes and fundraising efforts. Education, environment, health, and science and technology are important causes for Jim Byrne. The former KCOY Weatherman enjoys golf, hanging out with friends and imbibing in many of the fine wines that are produced across the various microclimates in Santa Barbara.