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Welcome to the website of Jim Byrne. The former KCOY Weatherman is currently the Spokesperson of Santa Maria Auto Mall. With more than 20 years of scientific and engineering experience, Jim Byrne was also on The Weather Channel’s reality-based TV show “So You Think You’d Survive” for two seasons.

Talking about the weather is a common conversation starter, but for Jim Byrne, it’s more than just small talk. Weather information and forecasting can help the public plan for outdoor activities while businesses can prepare for transportation hazards. In short, the weather forecast is important and should be part of everyone’s daily reading.

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect here on the website of Jim Byrne. The former KCOY Weatherman welcomes his readers.


Learn more about Jim Byrne, former KCOY Weatherman and accomplished Meteorologist/Geosciences, Public/Media Relations, and Scientific Communications professional. This page contains information about his professional career, training, and certifications. Jim has been a resident of Santa Barbara for 17 years and remains active in his chosen socio-civic advocacies.


Jim Byrne shares his insights about the United States and California weather in general. Get weather updates from Jim Byrne including drought information in California, what’s happening to the snowpack at the Sierra Nevada mountain range, El Niño and La Niña in the state, and more.

Weather in California

This page will provide information about the weather and climate in California, as well as anything newsworthy that readers, especially California residents, should know about.


When Jim isn’t busy with his daily responsibilities as a Meteorologist and Public Relations professional, he enjoys playing golf with his friends. This page contains news and other related information about golf such as the winners for PGA and LPGA weekly tournaments.

Check back soon for more updates about Jim Byrne. The former KCOY Weatherman thanks you for visiting.